Finally Learn What Your Body Already Knows

How many times have you heard that something is going to change your life? So many that it's become a tired and overused expression. Well, proof is in the making here at Simply Energy.  Our Quantum Healing series workshops promises to deliver on the elusive gift of a practical set of personal empowerment tools.  Not just feel good while you're here...whenever and where ever you want. Learn masterful skills that go with you into any life situation.

You are invited to experience for yourself, an extraordinary
set of techniques on the leading edge of transformational
work and supported by the latest scientific discoveries.

Understanding and working with energy has been demystified and modernized into a simple system you can easily and immediately introduce into your daily life - and you'll start seeing the transforming and healing powers you have buried away within you as soon as you start.

Once learned, you will have the power to influence every area of your life, from your health, mental well-being, happiness, and your wealth. You will also see how easy it is to develop the ability to touch and transform the lives of others.

"My issue was minor but a nagging one.  I'm a fairly smart woman but seem to crash and tumble when it comes to taking tests. I had time for only one session and literally, in spite of my skepticism, I felt different.  I went on to my testing and aced them all. What came to me in the moment, just like you said it would, was Stop, Drop and Breathe. Wow, what a simple process! I never would have imagined how easy it was to get out of my own way.  ~ Oakland CA

Working with energy healing techniques is much easier
and more accessible than we realize. The techniques we introduce are startlingly simple, safe and effective.

"I suffered two family deaths within a few months.  First, my father, then my husband. I was so dysfunctional that I was put on leave which was very difficult for me to accept. In only one session, I was able to get to a space where I could function again. I almost felt like I could jump right back into work. I took my time though, with this new process, I was able to go through everything in the house with loving memory instead of horrible and debilitating suffering." ~ Richmon VA

The material presented goes deeper as the course unfolds, enriching the basic knowledge you learned in previous workshops. By the end, your learning help you deal with any deep-seated problems that limit your life expression and hold you back from becoming a full expression of who you are capable of becoming.

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Personal Energy Coaching Sessions

The real core of wellness is energetic.  We have discovered that more than treating pain, more than treating illness, there is a calling to work with directly with the innate healing energy state of the body.  In fact, many forms of pain and disease are only symptoms of imbalances in a person’s energy fields. Without wholeness and balance in the energy realm, physical disease or deterioration are sure to surface. Clear your energy field and free yourself of limiting beliefs, negative attitudes, self-sabotage and imprisoning emotional distress. Recover, Regenerate and Renew!

Reiki Healing Sessions

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress, and can help support the body to facilitate healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your session will be pleasant and relaxing and used for both wellness or illness.


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